Vaulted Ceiling Tape Joint Repair-Knockdown Texture Sponge

In this video blog I’ll be demonstrating how to apply an all purpose joint compound with my Knockdown Texture Sponge on a vaulted ceiling repair. The ceiling repair is the entire 36′ paper tape joint right at the vault of the open plan ceiling.

Over time a lot of homes vaulted tape joints end up separating due to a few different factors:

Vaulted Ceiling Tape Joint Repair Texture Sponge

Vaulted Ceiling Tape Joint Repair

1) These type of ceilings are exposed to excessive heat because of how close the vaulted ceiling is to the actual roof.
2) Sometimes when the drywall was installed at the vaulted ceiling the drywall hangers leave to big of a gap at the vault.
3) Another common mistake during the construction phase of when the drywall ceiling was initially installed without using the correct amount of fasteners which lead to the ceiling sagging over time and popping the tape joint at the vaulted ceiling.
4) Other times there is no framing member to attach to at the top section of the vaulted ceiling.

These are just a few of the reason why a vaulted ceilings tape joints fail.

After applying a Straight Flex specialty tape for a nice crisp line along the vault and three coats of mud and a little fine sanding, it was time to use the knockdown texture sponge to blend the existing knockdown texture on this vaulted ceiling repair.

I must say this knockdown texture sponge works great for matching and blending the knockdown texture. I’ve been using one for a several years now and they work great for tape joint repairs and small drywall repairs.

Whether you’re doing drywall repairs on the wall drywall or plaster ceiling repairs you can match your existing knockdown texture with the new knockdown texture Sponge by: Paul Peck

Knockdown texture sponge matches knockdown texture

Paul Peck’s
Knockdown Texture Sponge
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For those DIY and How To Fans out there

I’ve found in my over 20 years in business as a drywall contractor and painting contractor, that using my knockdown sponge texturing technique along with my knockdown texture sponge. I can match most knockdown textures on wall and ceiling repairs that also need knockdown texture patch matched to an existing texture.

Knockdown repair tools you will need to match your knockdown texture on your vaulted ceiling:

  • 1) My Knockdown Texture Sponge
  • 2) All purpose joint compound
  • 3) Drywall Mud pan drywall Hauk
  • 4) 6″ and 12″ Taping knife or lexan knockdown paddle

  • Pool Patio Ceiling Repair – Tape Joints Coming Down – Merritt Island

    This Project Blog is about a exterior pool patio ceiling repair on a home in the Indian Bay sub division Merritt Island, FL.
    This type of problem is very common on exterior ceilings. Over time the paper drywall tape begins to fail. The heat and humidity from the Florida climate and the added moisture in the air around a pool cause the tape to crack and start falling down.
    Over the years I have perfected the technique and best materials to use on these types of exterior ceilings.
    1) Cover and protect the pool/patio deck.
    2) We removed all of the paper tape from all of the drywall seams.
    3) I like to re secure the drywall at all of the seams, just in case the drywall wasn’t secured properly during the drywall installation phase when the home was built.
    4) Install fiberglass mesh drywall tape to all of the exposed seams (much more exterior friendly than the drywall paper tape).
    5) Apply two coats of a setting type joint compound (hot mud).
    6) Apply final coat with all purpose joint compound or light weight compound
    7) Install a knockdown texture at the repaired areas, feathering into the existing knockdown texture to match.

    Here’s a few Before and After photos of this pool patio ceiling repair with a knockdown texture:

    Pool Patio Ceiling Repair - Merritt Island

    Pool Patio Ceiling – Tape Joint Repair

    Pool Patio Ceiling Tape Coming Down - Merritt Island

    Pool Patio Ceiling Tape Coming Down

    Help! The drywall tape is falling off my patio ceiling!!

    Pool Patio Ceiling - Tape Removed - Merritt-Island

    Pool Patio Ceiling – Tape Removed

    Pool Patio Ceiling - Tape Joint Repair - Merritt-Island

    Pool Patio Ceiling – Paper Tape Removed

    Pool Patio Ceiling Repair - Knockdown Texture - Merritt Island

    Pool Patio Ceiling Repair – Knockdown Texture

    Pool Patio - Ceiling Repaired - Knockdown Texture - Merritt Island

    Pool Patio – Ceiling Repaired – Knockdown Texture

    Pool Patio Ceiling Repaired - Knockdown Texture Matched - Merritt-Island

    Pool Patio Ceiling Repaired – Knockdown Texture Matched

    Paul and his guys did an excellent job all around.
    The job took less time than expected, and he was able to accommodate this job to fit my schedule. Very professional and approachable team, with the best prices around. Great quality work! Will definitely recommend Peck Drywall and Painting services to anyone.
     Ed M. Merritt Island, Fl

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