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Corner Tape - Drywall Repair - Orange Peel Texture

Corner Tape – Drywall Repair

Chances are if you’re looking at this page, you probably have some type of drywall repair issue with your walls or ceilings. Rest assured that we can repair the damaged area with confidence, that it will be the best drywall repair you can get here in the Brevard County area.

Peck Drywall has been providing our expertise on drywall repairs. Whether you have a spray or hand texture to match. I can accomplish an array of of different drywall repairs from remodeling, settling cracks, holes, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, failing tape joints or flood damage.

For you as a homeowner, we can provide expert knowledge and the skills to turn any damaged drywall into an invisible drywall repair for you. Whether you need minor drywall repairs, or several sheets of sheetrock replaced, we can get it done and match any texture that you might have in your home.

Expert Ceiling and Drywall Repair

Melbourne Water Damaged Sheetrock Repair

Sheetrock Repair

Water damaged ceiling from roof leak.

Damaged drywall ceilings

Merritt Island - Settling Crack - Drywall Repair - 2

Settling Cracks

Drywall Repair Specialists

Most walls and ceilings in our area have some type of texture on them. Whether the texture is orange peel, skip trowel, knockdown, a popcorn ceiling or even a custom ceiling texture, we can match and blend the texture into the rest of your wall or ceiling flawlessly. I’ve been doing drywall and ceiling repairs in the Brevard County area for over 20 years and have the knowledge and skill to get your ceilings and walls back to their original luster before the drywall damage had occurred.

As a full-service drywall contractor and painting contractor, we can not only provide a seamless drywall repair for you. We can also match your homes texture, repaint the repair, add an accent wall or even repaint all of the walls of the room for a fresh new look that will last for years to come.
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service with competitive pricing. Our reputation for working closely with homeowners is well recognized throughout Brevard County from Melbourne to Merritt Island. I’m always happy to provide previous drywall repair project photos and customer references from our extensive drywall repair portfolio.

Water Damaged Drywall cut 2ft. up

Water Damaged Drywall cut 2′ up.

Drywall Cutout Repairs - Drywall Repair Melbourne

Drywall Cutouts

Drywall Repair and Texture Matching Services

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Water damaged drywall repair and orange peel texture match

Able to match our drywall texture
They repaired several drywall cracks and were able to match our drywall texture. They arrived promptly, worked steadily and with very little disturbance to the surrounding areas. I would recommend them and would hire them again in the future.
Mel W.- Merritt Island, Fl

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