Cool Drywall Tool Review and Demonstration- Drywall Cutting Can Lights

In this drywall tool review and demonstration video I’ll show you how to use a can light drywall tool. It’s great for DIYers, handyman and even contractors will benefit from this must have magnetic drywall measuring and locating tool.

The Center Mark by Calculated Industries is a great tool for marking and cutting the drywall around Can lights with a Roto Zip spiral cut saw. For remodels, new construction and ceiling repairs.

No measuring required!

The Center Mark is super easy to use!

  • 1) Simply screw in the magnetic post right in the can light before you put your drywall up

  • 2) Now put your drywall into position

  • 3) Next take the locator magnet and find magnetic post under the drywall before you make your cut

  • 4) Now plunge the Roto Zip or spiral cut saw into the drywall about an inch away from your Center Mark magnet toward you.

  • 5) Once you hit the metal rim of the can light, pull the cutting bit out.

  • 6) Now return the bit on the other side of the can light metal rim and follow the can light outer rim around the can light and you’re done!

  • My conclusion and drywall tool review after trying the Center Mark Drywall Tool for the first time. Is that whether you’re a DIY’er, handyman or even a remodeling contractor or drywall contractor. This product will be the fastest way and most precise way to marking and cutting the drywall around can lights on the new construction, remodels and home improvement projects.

    So with the Center Mark by Calculated Industries, You can save time and money by reducing the number of miscuts around can lights. All of this means you make more money while also getting a better end result.

    And did I mention that there is No Measuring Required!!

    The tools that I recommend precision marking and cutting are the Center Mark Drywall Tool for can lights and also the Blind Mark Magnetic Locator Tool for cutting out all sizes of electrical boxes.
    -~-Calculated Industries Center Mark Drywall Recessed Lighting Cutout Locator Tool-~-
    -~-Calculated Industries Blind Mark Drywall Electrical Box Locator Tool-~-

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