How to mix 20 minute setting type joint compound

Setting type compound has revolutionized the drywall finishing and drywall repair world ever since it was introduced to the industry. What used to take 24 hours for each coat of joint compound to be applied was now controlled to be ready to recoat or sand in minutes.

These setting type compounds are much more stronger than the ready mix all purpose joint compounds

Perfect for drywall repairs and ceiling repairs!

USG Sheetrock Brand offers a wide variety of setting times from 5,20,45 and 90 minute are what I mostly use for drywall repairs, ceiling repairs, drywall finishing, filling, smoothing, interior concrete ceilings, taping and finishing drywall or concrete panels in bathroom areas and finishing joints on protected exterior patio ceilings and soffit areas that have exterior soffit board type drywall.

In this video clip I’ll be mixing up only a mud pan full of USG 20 minute mud for a ceiling repair where I’m repairing several tape joints on a pool patio ceiling that has a skip trowel texture.

Tools needed to mix a setting type joint compound:

5 gallon bucket
Cordless or corded drill
Small paint mixer for drill
Plastic jug for water

Tools needed to mix a setting type joint compound:

Tips and tricks for mixing SHEETROCK® Brand Easy Sand™ lightweight setting type joint compound:

1) I like to add a little water into the bucket before adding the 20 minute powder

2) Only mix enough mud that you are going to be able to use in 15 minutes (if you’re using the 20 minute mud)

3) Mix thick at first, adding water as you mix to get rid of any lumps in the powder

4) The initial mix should be just a little thicker then the desired working consistency

5) Now let the mud sit for one minute

6) Add just a little water to get a smooth consistency like thick yogurt

7) Don’t over mix! (Only mix this second time for one minute max)

Important!! Be sure to read the directions because mixing and setting times may vary for different brands of setting type compounds

Mixing directions for SHEETROCK® Brand Easy Sand™

Mixing directions for SHEETROCK® Brand Easy Sand™

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