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Chinese Drywall inspections in Florida

Chinese Drywall Inspection

Affected states with chinese drywall.

Peck Drywall’s customers can rest assured that Chinese drywall was not used on any of our projects. However, if you suspect that your home or business has Chinese drywall, we are prepared to preform a few checks as recommended by the State of Florida to confirm the possibility of tainted drywall. We are well equipped to test for Chinese Drywall on these suspected properties. This just in from the
Florida Department of Health.
Premature Copper Corrosion in Residences Possibly Associated with the Presence of Imported Drywall from China.
Does your home fit the investigation criteria? If you answered yes to this question, give us a call for you Chinese Drywall Inspection today!

First, determine the date of construction.

To meet the current case definition of homes constructed after 2003 (2004 to present) must meet two or more conditions; and those built prior to 2004 must meet three or more of the conditions specified below.

1) The home was constructed or renovated with new drywall since 2001

2) There is presence of sulfur-like or other unusual odors.

3) Confirmed presence of Chinese manufactured drywall in the home. (Picture)

4) Observed copper corrosion, indicated by black, sooty coating of Un-insulated copper pipe leading to the air handling unit present in the garage or mechanical closet of home. (Picture)

5) Documented failure of air conditioner evaporator coil (located inside the air handling unit).

6) Confirmation by an outside expert or professional for the presence of premature copper corrosion on Un-insulated copper wires and/or air conditioner evaporator coils (inside the air handling unit).

Other Issues:
*Mirrors (Picture)

*Miscellaneous items with possible corrosion (Picture-1) (Picture-2) (Picture-3) (Picture-4)

*Plumbing Fixtures (Picture)

*Refrigerators (Picture)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

And this information is from the:
Construction Industry Licensing Board (Florida)

Important Information on Chinese Drywall Complaints & Remediation

Who can repair, remediate or fix my home?

There are no set criteria for persons performing a remediation of problematic drywall or affected building materials. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Department of Health advises the public to hire Florida licensed contractor(s) to perform any remediation. For example: use a licensed electrician to replace corroded electrical component, or use an air conditioning contractor to replace or repair the air conditioner, or use a drywall contractor or general contractor, building or residential contractor to install new drywall.

Always contact your local building department to see if a building permit is required for the work you need and if a state or locally licensed contractor is required to do the job.

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