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Repainting the exterior of your Viera home does more than just enhance it’s curb appeal.

It helps protect probably one of your most important investments “Your Home” from the harsh Florida climate. It all starts with the prep and carries throughout your entire exterior house painting process. It can protect your biggest investment for years to come.

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The good news is that You have found the perfect house painter in Viera, FL to make your home look like new again for a fair price and professinal results.

I know that Viera is a unique area. Heck, I can remember when most of Viera was nothing but cow pastures.

I have been painting homes here in Viera and the Brevard county area for almost 30 years. What that means to you is, all the proper procedures will be followed from the prep work, to the exact sealers, primers and paints that are best suited for our Central Florida climate.

I’m an owner operator. Which means I’m on every job making sure that each step is completed properly throughout the entire painting process, ensuring you a professional paint job that will not only look good, but will last for years to come. Thus, protecting your biggest investment. Your Home!

If the exterior of your home is in need of any type of stucco repair, crack repair or any type of home repair, you can rest assured that I can repair those problem areas properly and match the texture better than any other contractor in Viera and the Brevard County area. I know it sounds like a bold statement, but I can back it up!

We can repaint all of the exterior surfaces of your home even your soffits, gutters and window frames! Whether exterior finishes are fading, chalking, in need of a stucco repair or you’re just ready to update your homes colors with a beautiful new color combination.

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Viera Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

The very first thing we do on every Viera house painting project is to dig out 4″ to 6″ around the perimeter and pressure wash all of the exterior surfaces of your home.

These next two steps are very important ones that a lot of house painters skip. Cover and protect plants, sidewalks, windows, walkways, pavers and exterior lighting fixtures.

Digging out around home

Digging out around home

Cover and protecting for painting

Cover and protecting for painting

Viera Exterior Painting-Sealed and two coated

Sealed and two coated:

I like to apply a tinted multi-surface masonry primer sealer to all of the surfaces of the home to be painted, to assure good adhesion of the finish coat and to get the maximum durability of your investment.

We then repair any stucco cracks and recaulk all of the windows a trim.

Next we apply two coats of high quality acrylic house and trim paint to the stucco walls, stucco bands, columns, exterior doors and trim. We can also spray paint your garage doors, soffits and gutters for a new factory finish look.

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Here’s a Before and After photo of a typical Viera exterior painting project:


Before photo:
Exterior stucco paint is chalky and faded

Suntree- Viera House Painting- After Photo

After Photo:
Sealer and two coats of exterior satin paint applied.

Once all of the exterior painting is completed, we backfilled around the perimeter and do one last walk through with you to make sure everything is up to your expectations and that you’re completely satisfied.

I know that many homes in Viera may have a lanai ceiling that needs the tape joints repaired and painted or a pool deck that needs a repair or just a fresh coat of pool deck paint.

Here’s a few Before and After photos of a Viera pool deck repair and painting project:

Viera Pool Deck Repair and Painting- Before photo

Pool deck- Before photo:

Viera Pool Deck Repair and Painting- After photo:

Viera Pool Deck Repair and Painting- After photo:

 Pool lanai- Before photo:

Pool lanai- Before photo:

Viera Pool lanai Repair and Painting- After photo:

Viera Pool lanai Repair and Painting- After photo:

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Meticulous and dependable work.
I was always pleasantly surprised to come home to quality work. Paul and his team did an amazing job of painting and drywall work at my property. No drama, just nice people to deal with. Being gone all day for business and away from the ongoing work at my home could have been stressful, but I just didn’t worry because it was all in good hands. Highly recommend to anybody needing to get started and not knowing who to choose. There are many choices out there. Don’t hesitate to pick Peck Drywall and Painting”.

Caryn L. Viera/Melbourne, Fl

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Over the past 18 years we have built a great project portfolio by completing all types of commercial and residential exterior painting projects here in Viera and surrounding areas.

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We are a family owned and operated painting company, offering quality exterior painting and home repair services since 1995 and remain committed to providing the highest quality exterior painting and repair services to our clients.
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Our blend of old school craftsmanship and the latest technology has earned us high acclaim within the painting industry. In addition, we maintain a current Brevard county painting license and state licenses, Workers Compensation and General Liability insurance policies for everyone’s protection while we are working at your home.

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