How to skim coat using the paint roller trick

In this Blog video two part series I’ll show you how to do the first coat and second skim coats on a wall to get rid of an ugly poorly done knockdown texture. This how to skim coat trick is a great way for anyone from DIYers to contractors to apply a skim coat to drywall and plaster walls or ceilings.

Skim Coating to get rid of ugly texture

I’ll be using the paint roller method with a 1 1/4″ roller nap (cover) and I thinned down the all purpose joint compound with water.

How to skim coat dtywall with the paint roller method

How to skim coat dtywall with the paint roller method

For skimming I’m using a 14″ drywall taping knife and mud pan to smooth out the mud that was applied.

Skimming out the rolled on mud with a 14" drywall taping knife

Skimming out the rolled on mud with a 14″ drywall taping knife

How to skim coat- Paint roller trick on Youtube (Part 1)

How to skim coat- Paint roller trick (Part 2)

This How to Skim Coat Trick is a must when skim coating walls and ceilings for DIY’ers!

Once the first skim coat is complete, let the joint compound dry for 24 hours. Day 2- scape any high spots with your 6″ drywall knife and then apply another skim coat to the area. This skim coat will be much easier and smoother than the first skim coat and it will also dry a lot faster too.

Once the second coat is dry:
1) Sand entire wall with 100 grit sandpaper
2) Remove sanding dust from walls by using a half of a bucket of water and a yellow grout sponge rinsing the sponge often in the bucket of water.
3) Prime with a quality latex acrylic primer.
4) Paint on two coats of a quality paint and you’re done!

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Comments from: Paul Peck- Owner at Peck Drywall and Painting

In Conclusion: I highly recommend this skim coating with the paint roller trick to any contractors or even Do it Yourself’ers for covering up an ugly texture, looking for a smoother finish on their drywall or plaster walls and ceilings, or even after removing wallpaper!

I think this how to skim coat trick saved me several hours of work by not having to take the extra time to try and keep the mud thickness as consistent as possible which means less sanding and mudding.

Tip: If you’re trying to cover up a knockdown or skip trowel texture, be sure to use at least a 1″ to 1 1/4″ roller cover when applying the first skim coat. Then a 3/4″ nap will work fine for the second skim coat of all purpose joint compound to the wall or ceiling or skim coating.

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Good luck with your skim coating project! -Paul

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Here’s the tools I used to get the job done in this skim coating by hand video:

Goldblatt Mud Mixing 3/8″ drill bit-

Dewalt 20-Volt Lithium Ion Drill/ Driver

WallBoard Bucket Scoop-

Goldblatt Pro Mud Pan and Knife Set-

Werner Bench Ladder-