What is Skip Trowel Texture?

Skip Trowel Texture Photo

Texture by:Peck Drywall

Skip trowel texture is done by hand and takes years to perfect. It is also one of the most popular ceiling texture finishes in high end homes here in Brevard County.
This photo is an example of one of my many variations of skip trowel texture.
When I say “variation” there are several factors that determine how the skip texture will look. One of the factors is the “surface” that is going to be textured. Skip trowel texture can be applied in a light, medium or even a heavy consistency, depending on whether you’re going for an old world, modern or custom texture.
New drywall
, primed drywall, previously painted surfaces, amount of sand added and how thick or thin the texture material is mixed are just a few of the factors determining how this hand texture will pull when applied.

Texturing a Cocoa Beach condominium ceiling

Texturing a Cocoa Beach condominium ceiling

Skip trowel texture is one of my favorite textures to do and to look at.

I love the detail you see when you look at a professionally skip troweled ceiling. It will give your space a unique and beautiful ambiance that your house guests and neighbors will truly be impressed by.

Painted texture

Skip Trowel Texture

Popcorn removal and skip trowel texture

Skip trowel is the perfect texture for hiding imperfections on a ceiling. Whether you have had your popcorn ceiling texture removed, had a
skip trowel ceiling repair or even had a drywall repair that needs to be able to match your texture.

Skip trowel texture can add a beautiful Mediterranean or Spanish flair to any rooms ceilings or walls.

How to Skip Trowel- Tips and Tricks

Check Out my Featured Skip Trowel Texture Youtube Video Playlist!

Click Here–> Youtube/Playlist/Skip-Trowel-Texture

In this Video Playlist I have videos of how to mix skip trowel texture, applying skip trowel texturing tips and tricks and even some project videos where I’m wearing a GoPro video camera to get a very unique perspective of the skip troweling process.

By: Paul Peck

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Checkout this short skip trowel video with footage of application, photos of the different variations of skip trowel and some tips and tricks:

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